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Thinking Your Way to Your Good Life! Guest Blogger Jessica Vine

on Jan 22, 2014 in News | 0 comments

I know you’re not one of the people that buy into the cookie-cutter good life. You think for yourself and know what you want. If this is true then YOU are already far ahead of where most people are. Oftentimes people have no clue about what they want let alone how they get it.

Before you can have the “good life” you have to figure out what that means to you. The media sells it to us as flashy cars and big houses. Truthfully – I like that BUT it doesn’t have to be for you! Define how you’d like to live and what you would do or have is money was not a limitation to you.

Change Your Thinking

Before you can have what you want out of life you have to believe that you can have it and that you deserve it. There is enough to go around in the world and the best thing you ca do for the poor is to not be one of them. How can you inspire someone if you’re in the same state as they are? It won’t be easy.

After you know that you deserve it you should start laying out plans on how to get it. Keep your eyes open and recognize opportunities as they come to you. Whenever they come you can’t be afraid to take them. New is often scary but if you change your thinking it will be exciting!

As you change your thinking and learn to receive you will be surprised at how greatly your life begins to change.

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